Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last day of term end our first term here di UKC...we had a Girls only night in at our place. It was a night we've been looking since last week...since uni work has been keeping us down and under our own duvet to remain sane and siapkan all the due assignments.

Anyway, back to my cerita...girls were looking beautiful in their make up and gorgeous dress...some in blink...its a night for the girls to put their hair down, no tudung and be as sexy as u want to be :) And for that reason, no pics will be put in this blog...*censored*..hehehe.

Met new faces...Wani & Jira..Jirin's sisters...and someone ive just met last mth...Bell...and the gurls from luvly housemate Nadz, d hyper weekender...Rabz, d blink blink gurl..Afif.. d bday gurl...Melo...and pink flower gurl...Anisah..:)...2 gurls...Syamim and Ani unfortunately had to go back early.

Menu: Tiramisu, Chips, meatballs, Pizza, cherries in our sparkling carbonated drinks..and a few more things that i cant relly remember now..hehe.

Birthday surprise for Melo...hehe...and a surprise cake which left her speechless ...;p

Had a long session of Taboo.....the Vogues vs was a good night. It was a perfect night to go crazy and be brain dead..haha...thus, occasionally some find it difficult to descibe something simple...or even more difficult to describe the difficult ones. haha. blur!!

And followed by a movie of Moulin Rouge which managed to make all the hyper gurls quiet last night....touched by Christian's luvly voice and Satine's deep eyes...with their heart piercing and tearful lyrics...a very touching movie as the show must go on despite whatever.. was a tiring one as we kep on eating and drinking in between games...
and i ended up chatting to a dear friend of mine till early hours..while watching disney world cartoon as all of us (5 of us) slept infront of the TV.

Thats the update about how spent our last day of term :)

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