Friday, December 15, 2006 we come :)

Finally..first term is over. I guess I have been waiting for this although its only going to be 3 weeks, which if u think about it is not that long...especially when I have one essay to do over the hols.

And I am looking forward to spend my holiday with baby and her friends di should be fun!! I'm going to pack tomorrow night..hehe..first have to buy coach ticket to London first :)

Anyway, tomorrow is exactly 3mths since I've reach London. Although its been only 3 mths...I personally feels like its been for ages..simply because I didnt start off well here in Canterbury. And since then, there are always something happening beyond my control.

My days in Canterbury started with three weeks of me being homeless due to the lousy service given by one of the local house agent. Then Natwest kept on sending my new card to Leeds although Ive been telling them that I am now in Kent. And then my purse got stolen, my assignments macam inda mau siap siap and then the worse is laptop rosak.

How funny is that? I've never experienced sooo many mishaps in such a short period. I was like thinking...bad feng shui kah...haha..

But despite all that, I am still positive of how things will unfold itself next term :) And I am wishing *hopefully* next year will be a better turn for me..with less events like this term. .:) mentally exhausted saya. hehe.

So let time unfold itself next year for the better...:)

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