Saturday, December 09, 2006

Forwarded Email : Something to be aware about...just incase its true

Ladies Period Caution

It has been a traditional theory that ladies are not suppose to
wash their hair during their period.

But there are no solutions to the question why? The victim will only realise at their later stage of their life,facing the symptoms of breast and ovary cancer.

Today ladies still wash their hair during their period with the thinking that they will be safe if they blow dry their hair. But this will not prevent them from getting the cancer. Please read the article below:

A well known Taiwanese medical professor specialise in cancer research based in a Japanese university did a survey on 30,000 pre cancer patients.

She found these patients are very choosy in their food, wash their hair during their period and carry heavy object and drink cold drinks. This will course the incomplete of ovulation and the remaining menses will turn into toxic and the imbalance of hormone will lead to ovary and breast cancer.

During the research she found the method of prevention to these cancer. The secrets are;

One must change their lifestyle and eating habits.

Do not wash our hair while having period, do not wash your hair just for the cooling effect and contraction of ovary.

Excessive bleeding must be investigated by a gynae.

No cold drinks.

If you feel drowsy, breast expansion and constipation, these are the early symptom of ovary or breast cancer.

To prevent use:

Black sugar

Chinese lotus (leng ngau)

Carrot and Barley

Boil to soup and drink. This is the best prevention.


Padian said...

I had this emailed to me months before... and i read through it... Ani macam old housewives tales...

Macam boleh percaya kah? mana ada medical basis nie all these... nada pun I have been advised not to drink cold water, nor does it makes any difference to my menstrual flow or pain!!!

So, what is the man really on about.. and the interesting bit is, he only tested it on his 'local' woman... cuba his study ani dibuatnya di Europe or other non-chinese countries/communities... perhaps results would have been more reliable!! and not biased!!!

Think about it!

reachingout said...

yea, i know...we dont know how reliable it is. when i first had my period, i remembered being told not to wash my hair coz it will make my parut lebih sakit. but i think if we mandi air does make it more sakit in my i rather keep myself warm.

but i dont remember any doctors ever told me about any of the list in this blog whenver i go to c them to complain. hehe. but now the best remedy is the hot water bottle ;)

anyway,to the others....incase u want to keep this in mind..then read on ;)