Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bits and pieces of eveything... long overdue pics
Part 1 - What i saw during the first house hunt couple of months ago... nice scenery and all :)...on the way to Alford Grange..

The long road to the house

The nice view


Friendly ones


Another long road walking towards the house

And finally, the house I was 'hunting' for.

On the toppest floor, there are 4 small english styled bedrooms for students or whoever who wants to stay there. Mine would have been the window on the very right on the third floor. hehe. But there were a couple of 'jangan stay there' vibes wafi n i got from the house and its occupants. So, thats it. But it was a lovely house.

End of part 1


Padian said...

Was this the place you were waiting to hear from but was taking too long?? its a gorgeous place... so where is the picture of the place you are inhabiting now???

and now that you have internet at home, why dont you sort out your tagboard?

reachingout said...

hi kak, no..the place i was waiting for is arah tampat lain. it was like a terrace...lawa!! its behind the uni.

This house is lawa..tapi the couples macam odd altho they are nice. IF i have stayed there, i cant balik akhir coz the jalan nada lights..i was planning to buy bicycle.hehe. tapi there are rules... such as they expect me to sleep between 11pm - 7am. And if ada visitors sleeping over, they ahve to contribute something to them as well. mayb in terms of money..but i dont see y coz im the renter. and then they want to be quiet. they want to do inform them whoever i bawa masuk and we have a door alih alih di belakang. LAundry once a week saja and nada dryer...but i have to bangkit my baju the next morning to give way for them...bla bla bla. too many rules kak...tapi the one yg made me thing was abt how visitors should contribute coz i told them i will be expecting cousins and friends to sleep over. hehe.

my laptop crashed kak. i dont have my recovery CD and baby just told me that hers pun nada. so myte hav to invest in a cheap one here and nanti bawa my laptop balik to usai. theres so many pics inside that i want to keep. kapal belia and all..:(

so until then, i cant usai my tagboard plus i dont really understand the templates programme yg updated ani. nanti tah.

will take pics of the house im living in nanti ok..

Wafi said...

Oh yeah? WHere's my picture?

reachingout said...

haha..u didnt want ur pic taken on that day waf...;p..u wanted to be my cameraman..haha.