Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Yay!! Finally we have internet at home.

No more early mornings in uni just to check my emails before my lectures and the 'slow' webmessenger di uni and juggling between that and doing research online for my essays etc.

No more queueing at the bus stop pagi pagi for the uni bus. (well, its not that bad) but now i can enjoy sleeping-in more often...something i obviously enjoy...and looking forward to :)

Anyway, im typing this while nadz n i watch season 3 of grey's anatomy. hehe. this should be fun!!

Anyway, got to go. Just wana update u guys and focus on grey's anatomy after this. hehehe.


Selina ;p

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tinybottom said...

Cells! Since you FINALLY have internet, cuba you go to www.jellotv.com. Siuk tu... hehehe. Ada sitcoms. Saya suuuuuuka