Monday, January 15, 2007

....Big Brother Celebrities....

This programme is painfully annoying!! Some of them can be extremely shallow!! Making stupid statements and asking stupid questions.

I dont know why people like this programme. It spoils all the 'GOOD' TV programmes that I enjoy. Usually every morning from 7.30am...we have everybody loves raymond, friends, will & grace, Frasier....but now all these are substitute by ONE clumsy programme called BIG BROTHER CELEBRITIES. So its goodbye to all the GOOD series... unfortunately!!! So the result = malas bangun awal!! haha.

The thing is....Why do people even enjoy this programme?? Its such a disgrace that some of the celebrities level of 'intelligence' are exposed here. Their clumsiness and 'drama queen' attitude semakin terselah here. Its an embarassment to the world of celebrities and sometimes it proves that celebrities, regardless of their gender, are just people with good looks or body...such bimbos!!!

All the fame and money and beauty (if they do have one)...Such a waste!!

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