Monday, January 15, 2007

Watched a programme on TV earlier on with Nadz, ' Dispatches: Undercover Mosques'. Its about this Islamic extremists who preaches about Islam here there and everywhere...especially in Birmingham.
I find some of the things the men talked about are a little disturbing. For example:
1) Muslims MUST HATE all the disbelievers.
I dont think we should hate them...but we should be able to live peacefully next to them and make them understand that Islam is not a violent religion.
2) Jihad is the way of the true Islamic way of life.
My knowledge not Jihad is not much, i have to admit that. But if im not mistaken, it is said that everything we do in the name of Allah is in a way considered Jihad. When we obey the regulations and teachings, we are doing Jihad. Isnt it not like that? I feel that the programme just now is giving ppl wrong impression abt Islam. Our religion is a peaceful I dont see why people have to put themselves in the middle of everyone and blow themselves and kill all the innocent ones as well in order to get to their 'main target'.
3) They believe that Islam will overtake UK and US and be the 'rulers' of these countries
The extremists believe that we shouldnt live according to the UK or US laws...and shouldnt believe / listen to the Whitehouse, House of Commons etc etc...Then it is such a wonder why do they chose to migrate and stay here if they are not happy with the system here. Thus it is said that Muslim should be more progressive and do better than all the ppl here.
4) All Jews should be killed
I dont think that is up to us to do that. its not in our power to do that.
5) Women will always be in 'deficient' (the exact word they used)
They said women will never be equal in Islam. Women, no matter how high their position or education is, will always be in 'deficient' compared to men. I thought women should be treated equal to men...although each will specialized in different things. hmm.
6) Girls should be hit if they refuse to wear hijab by the age of 9. And children should be hit if they refuse to pray.
I am aware that children should be hit if they refuse to pray even after being told to do so a number of times. The thing is, how much or hard are we allowed to hit?? All these is a lil disturbing...i dont know.
7) We should HATE girls who are not wearing hijab.
And the list of things that they talked about goes on and on.
Imagine if this extremists manage to gain power over UK and US...what will happen to all of
them? Mass killing? Beheading?
Can you imagine what will happen to the innocent children who dont really understand whats happening around them?? what will happen to the men and women...will they be force to believe in Islam...will they be killed...tortured...???? I cant imagine how dreadful the world will be.
They talked about the teaching of Islam full of emotion...talked about the enemies with hatred and anger written on their face and heard from their voice. Jews will turn to pigs and slaughtered like pigs during judgement days....all these are v.v. scary!!
I thought Muslims are supposed to spread the teachings of Islams gracefully. Not with hate...but with love and in a peaceful manner.
Islam = suppose to be able to forgive others...give chances for the disbelievers to learn about Islam if they want to and allow room for changes.
I may be wrong in some of the things that Ive typed here. DO CORRECT ME wherever im wrong...but then, why do some of them interpret the teachings of Islam in such an extreme manner? Why must the extremists make it sound as if Islam is a religion of vengeance of what happened in the past???
Its something to think about...and with of all 'them' out is no surprise that the world is constantly in a state of conflict...especially against Islam. So, who do we blame????


langnima1 said...

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RSHA said...

Here You go, my comments :)
First Islam is a peacful religion, we were told again and again in our religious school that Islam is the best religion of all as they do rule out wat is good and not for both men and women that had been laid out in the quran, when most of the modern scientist only found out the benefits recently. :)

1) Muslims MUST HATE all the disbelievers.
I agree with you on this matter, and I too dont believe and think that we MUST hate all the disbelievers, everybody has the right to have their own religion and faith. and we as a muslim, should show a better example that we are able to live peacefully next to them and make them understand that Islam is not a violent religion.

2) Jihad is the way of the true Islamic way of life.
To my understanding Jihad comes in many different ways and u are correct That Jihad comes in place in everyting we do in the name of ALLAH (This can be elaborated)

But personally those who quote themselves a JIHAD where blewing out their bodies and harming other people is not JIHAD, i called them coward and they are commiting suicide which is not accepted in Islam. There are no such thing where i learned that we should do the xtreme to show people where we stand and pointing out our facts. (BUDUH NIE URG CEMANI ANI)

3) They believe that Islam will overtake UK and US and be the 'rulers' of these countries
This i dont know. hehehehe :) does it matter if islam overtake UK or US of A... unlikely is think as there is no proper bonding with the other religions, if these xtremists tink that they can overtake this two powerful country... praise to god.. for us to have a better world. for i can see that they will kill all the other people who would not take up islam for a religion.(Lagi teruk if they conquer UK an US)

4) All Jews should be killed
Tho i dont particularly like Jews, because they are SOMBONG, but it is not up to us to kill them. they are human being as well. ;) but they are inconsiderate people i must say. (sorry jews people if u do read this comments )

5) Women will always be in 'deficient' (the exact word they used)
RUDE jua using DEFICIENT to label us as a women. HMMPH!!!

I only know in islam woman are not allowed to be the ruler of a country. atu saja. :)

but then again.. in Brunei its the same thing seldom are in the highest position, only recently opening up. but some of the benefits able to be claim by man are not extended to woman.

Woman should by right be treated equally, only in the aspect of household, woman should listen to the man but this too was stated in the quran has its limit to what to listen and not.

6) Girls should be hit if they refuse to wear hijab by the age of 9. And children should be hit if they refuse to pray.

Hit, yes, but it was not meant to be abusing !!! hit, just to remind them that they had come to an age where they have to follow the guides. but it is not 9.....

sudah sampai baligh selina, which means these applies only when they have already had their menses. earlier on is only to practice them with the rules which had been laid out. then again, if the girls choose not to, then they are the one who carries the sins. :)

7) We should HATE girls who are not wearing hijab.

HUH????? Stupid points that they are rambling at. :)

in the first place why did u go to such a thing? this is not a good way to do as u list out earlier about ur faith... this is ruin whatever u have in u, if pegangan mu kurang.. eeeeee nauzubillah :)

Bah Take Care.

reachingout said...

Iatah kak...the people who talked about it di TV atu macam implying that there are no other ways to do things except if we force others to do it the islamic way. hit if they refuse to obey. kill jews etc.

And if kak listen to them talking, the way they talked was as if they are ready to kill or hit the disbelievers. and some of the things they said are very different from the things we learned di ugama. eeee...maybe because durang salah interpretation or looking at it from a different view. entah eh. i was just trying to share the view..but i dont really agree to some of the things they are saying. nauzubillah.

Spunky said...

Ok, let me try to figure things out for you then.

1. "MUST HATE all" is probably politically incorrect. There is a limit and you could choose who you hate or not. I think most people chose to HATE G.W.Bush. Isn't he a non-believer? Or maybe A.Hitler~~

2. Your version of JIHAD is correct. An Ustaz told me in Brunei that suicide-bombing is not considered a valid way of JIHAD, depending on the situation. And the most common situation is risking innocent lives which is by all means useless.

3. Overtaking a country is not really an easy task. But everything has to be done peacefully. According to Islamic History, how did our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W overtake Mekah? He didn't kill all the residents, but peaceful talks were held. How did an Iraqi general overtake Baitul'Maqdis (17th Century)? Same way like our Prophet S.A.W. You get what I am tryna say?

4. Jews are gonna be killed. That has been foretold by the Prophet S.A.W himself. But how, when, where is unknown to everyone.

5. Gender Issues. In Islamic Law, a male witness = 2 female witness. And according to Islamic Law Men and Women are not similar. Indirectly not equal. But different. Then again Mothers are the major priority for every Offspring. And Husbands hold every sin for his whole Family. So how can you compare? Because you can't, each gender has their own situation. How you think is of social terms, but think of the situation as a bigger range of spectrum, especially physical and spiritual aspects.

6. That's true, but remember what Dr. Fadhillah Khamzah said "sudah cukup umur (selepas Baligh) di larang untuk memukul, harus di nasihati seperti kawan"

7. Again as no.5, think of the bigger range of spectrum. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Hope my explanation helps

reachingout said...

hi long, thanks for the comment :)and yup, i understand what ure saying. I just dont understand from where those preachers are coming from.

But then again, I dont want to think too much about it...and yet i cant help it coz its on TV atleast once a week. I cant resist but to watch it and think 'dari mana durang dapat idea or interpretation cematu'?

i will update when i do get the answer ;)

Padian said...

what i am annoyed with is... that people are left to imagine and think the wrong thing about our religion.. because of the negative publicity it is recieving... and that is one mentioned.

PLUS... a lot of us, do not undertsand the meaning of being a muslim and grasp the teachingof ISLAM itself.

How can one peace loving religion, having equal respect for all human kind regardless of gender, race or social status be interpreted as a religion of terrorism!?

The question is not if the blogger h erself undertstand... or fail to understand... the question is why are people reading it all wrong? It really is sad...

reachingout said...

yea kak, i dont know why people interpret and read all in the wrong ways.