Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bangun awal for uni

I read my books before I went to sleep last night and woke up at 7am this morning to continue with my reading because I find the lecture today the lecturer looks very strict and precise. hehe. Go that made me dug myself into my books. hehe.

And when i arrive to uni, it was 5mins before my lecture starts due to the traffic on road...but then i have to go to the library first to return my short loan book. I was rushing off to the library and again to the Elliot building (which is thankfully not so far from the library)..but i kinda panic coz i couldnt find the room...i followed the direction given...and u guys know how bad i am with my direction.. but this time i was positive that i am on the right track. unfortunately the only room called 'Seminar 2' was meant for another course. So i tried to find if there are other 'seminar room 2' on the other floors.

Then I sensed someone was looking at me...that made me reversed and look into the open computer room...there she was, my lecturer on the computer. SO i approached her...rupanya ia pun sasat. haha. That made me cool down sedikit..atleast im not the only one yang late. hehe.

But we couldnt find the room despite getting help from the cleaners there who told us that they worked there for more than 20 years...thus, they know the way by hard. And my lecturer was complaining about the design of the building. Stress ya. She said whoever the architect was must be a very weird confused person. haha. but i have to say, the layout of the building is weird...its going round and round...divided into 4 wings...etc.

After 30mins of trying to find it, she give up. SO she'll have to reschedule our lecture...maybe tomorrow. hmm. more time to read for the day. yay!!

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