Thursday, January 18, 2007

The weather here has not been particularly sajuk...but then its like an on and off thingy. But today i believe strong winds will be all over UK. In Canterbury itself, it is said that there a 70% risk of gales...with around 70-80mph.

So just imagine how we had to walk our way to the bus station and all. I wasn't pretty bad walking to the bus station tho...maybe because there were buildings all around. But getting off the bus stop di uni and walk all the way up to the library and all....atu terasa like ure pushed uphill. And i cant imagine how things are going to be up north.

So now, i dont feel like going home yet. Dont like the wind, and especially the rain and waiting for the bus to come. Maybe i should stay in the library..hmm...thats always a better option :)

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