Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures from Rabz's Birthday Celebration
17th January (Tia's Restaurant)

Buffday girl with her dazzling smile and big official bday badge ;)

Waiting for food to come

Kanyang after food...yummy!! And after non-stop bising and laughing with all the 'mental' people! Lol!

Time to take pics before going home :)

And us being VAIN before saying goodbye :)


Padian said...

hmmm... i see the same shoes!!!

reachingout said...

haha...very observant kak ;)... yup, its the same... 3 of us bought the same shoe. its lawa.

FR said...

lol.. yeah, I think it's lawa.. and new jacket ke? ;p

reachingout said...

hehe..thanxs. The jacket is a present from Yuli when I lawat her last week ;)

Pics from my hols with her will be posted as soon as she agree to the pics that I plan to post on my blog.hehe. Ada censorship dulu..we want to look good ;p