Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I feel like I want to write more..about 2006 and this year..but i guess i should leave it till next time. Theres just too many things that i want to say that im afraid i'll be lost in words..;)
So in summary..I want to list down things that I intend to work on this year... just the important ones lah...:)
1) Improve my faith
2)pass my MA brilliantly (will give it the best shot)
3) be more self discipline like not leaving work to the last minute as always ;p
4) try to be more confident and outspoken..which i think is the hardest thing to do
5) to be more optimistic about things - to be able to see the optimistic side of all the things that are happening
6) eat healthy

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FR said...

A tough question Balsy... But, without lots of thinking... i'd like to be reincarted as ME again.. a better me.. but still ME!!! =)