Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It was the first day of the 2nd term yesterday. Was rushing to final touch my essay and add more points here and there. I didnt meet up the final number of words...but im hoping I'll do fine although when i read the wasnt up to my standard..but it was too late to make amendments. So fingers cross and insyallah i will pass it :)
So far..i only know that i have 2 hrs lectures + seminars every Mondays from 4 - 6 and Thursdays from 9 - 11...i have yet to ask the postgrad officer when will my other module will be. I personally think that my faculty is crap.
Simply because i am not aware of anything thats happening in my faculty and i have no idea of what my module will be covering unless i go on the website (which doesnt really help) or attend the lecture itself..where the outline will be given out. Its such a wonder..and altho i only have one compulsory module per term but i still have no option to choose my own optional module.
But thank god this term i get to choose atleast one of my optional module..while the other one will be about ENVIRONMENT again!! Anyway, the optional module that i decide to take this term is called 'The Sociology of Risk' sounded interesting from the brief outline given on the internet...but yesterday when i went to the first scares me abit..simply because it sounded difficult and very philosophical and at the same time pyschological (the latter one was according to the lecturer) and on top of that, theres only TWO of us who is taking this module. Meaning i have to be extra prepared before each lectures!! And altho the module sounded scary...but its interesting as well at the same Im aiming to do well and score well in this one ;)
Wish me luck.

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