Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This morning when i woke up, i got this urge to shop for yellow things. I wanted to buy yellow flowers for my room and the living room, a bold colour table lamp to add more interesting colour to my room...etc etc etc.

But because i dont feel like i stayed home and do some cleaning up instead.. cleared out food from the fridge, things from my bathroom and room...bla bla bla.

Around 3 ish...decided to skip the mandi part (haha) and go to town. who would know anyways...;p

Anyway..saw yellow flowers that i plan to buy was lawa dari jauh..but sudah dakat, macam bida see how it looks tomorrow. Bought this daisy lemon coloured bedsheets..its so lawa...will put in on tomorrow probably.

Things to buy tomorrow or lusa..
- this red table lamp
-a pink fitted bedsheet
- and atleast 3 types of flowers for my room...the plan is...yellow, pink and maybe purple or red...something that can tahan lama in my room...will browse ;)



Spunky said...

inda mandi?!?!
Hmm~~~ sounds like a person I know

reachingout said...

haha...awu, inda mandi...first time since ive arrived here. haha. yup, sounds like a person all the cousins should know..haha..