Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006..had loads of fun for the past three weeks of term holiday. Spend few days at Milan with Bee and her friends...Kiki, Masnur, Syaz & Syafiq... :) Although the trip to Milan was not as great as expected...but the lake outside Milan was gorgeous, Italian guys are not doubt very very lawa, and on top of that, we had great company on the trip...each with their own humour...;) And to all the shopaholic, it is a definite heaven for shopping...all the designer goods are there...u name it!! :)

After the Milan trip, spent two days in London. Met up with a friend whom I haven't met for ages...was a brief but great catch up... got a good view of the London Bridge...quite breathtaking. Will take pics there next time when i got the chance. :)

Had dinner with Ben at a Lebanese restaurant around Edgware Road. Was delicious. And had breakfast the next day at a French restaurant somewhere around Hammersmith..and that was really nyaman!!

Continued my journey with Bee all the way to Bolton for Christmas. First time on the was very unsystematic. Everyone was pushing around to get on the bus.. lucky for us, we get to sit next to each other :)

And now im gona spend New year with my family in Bolton and goin back to Canterbury in a few days time where there will be more updates :)

And there are no pictures at the moment for the Milan trip...will post it once I receive the pics from the rest.

Have a happy new year and may 2007 be a more prosperous year for all of us :)


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