Monday, March 26, 2007


Its nearly the end of the term...everyone is looking forward to enjoy their easter break. However, this is also the time when people are pressured to siapkan their essays and presentations and reading lists etc etc etc.

I am currently doing an essay on risk assessment and disaster management. I could have finished it last week sudah because I have all the books needed for this essay and I have done my typing...i just need to re-arrange and re-organize the facts properly. I was in the mood to get it done like two weeks ago...and nearly did it all.

then i found out that my lecturer have different expectations in this particular topic (damn!! why did i choose this topic among all the other topics) last week was the last week for that particular module...and ive printed my work for me to revise bla bla bla...unfortunately or *fortunately*..i was the only one who came to the lecture (theres only 2 of us btw) we decided to discuss about my essay...then since ive printed my work, he wanted to read my introduction...and just browse through...he gave some flattering comments and less flattering ones as well...and since then, attempt to revise my work has failed.

Its a lil depressing that I dont have that 'drive' to finish it off and start with my other two essays (which due after easter altho i had plan earlier to finish atleast two before easter and leave one during easter). Ive been sitting on my ass kemarin trying to finish it off...but i think that is the hardest properly reorganize the structure and conclude it. and i am way beyond my words limits.

I wonder cemana some people manage to stay on the 'high' all the time...ive lost my momentum, thats it!! ive pushed myself doing it but i ended up falling asleep...or i cant even focus to usai one paragraph. hmm. plus last wednesday, ive been told to cover this week's presentation...democracy and environment...ive done a bit of research and reading earlier on..and i will continue the rest tomorrow. i intend to usai my essay and add more relevant facts to it after this.

anyway, dont mind me...i think its just the fact that i still have a lot to do and i just dont know where to start with such limited time..and this is the place to let the steam out.

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tinybottom said...

I'm very motivated! hehehe... come and be me! ;) I told myself this, holiday kan datang. Gotta finish everything up! Hehehe... one quarter done! Essay proposals approved! If I can do it, so can you!!! C'mon girl... get back in the game & push yourself!!! Holiday! Spring fun!!! Sun!!! Happy happy!!!