Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just nonsense blabbing...
I spoke too soon abt spring, the sun and the heat....and now..snow is on its way...AGAIN!! Who needs snow in the middle of March...its making me lazy and it feels like xmas is around the!! The world system is pretty messed it global warming...climate change...or whatever the theories are out there....we dont really know for there are opposing debates about it. Anyway, it was sunny this morning, so thats good.
My week has been good as started off slow...late nights..disrupted sleeping routine...skipping lectures. Then it progress slowly...trying to finish off essays...more readings...though it didnt stop me from watching TV as well :)...had a good catch up with Mr. Charlie Chaplin di starbucks for a couple of hours...was craving for ice blended mocha...wanted to buy this red jacket...its so gorgeous...but i guess now that 'winter' is coming back...its not worth it yet.
What else? Its a sunday and im in uni...realized that i have books due few days ago...and at the same time, i need more relevant books... coz baru tah sadar that i have not inserted any theories at all in the essay that im aiming to finish off the latest by tomorrow. hmm.
Anyway, i dont really have anything to i better go off now. Takecare all and will update soon.


Wafi said...
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Wafi said...

Hahaha, so I'm Mr. Charlie Chaplin now huh, am I?!

cells said...

hahaha...yup, with that pic of super haji...u r now known as Mr. CC :~)