Monday, March 12, 2007

Last weekend, we had our International Nights at the University. It was fun as we get to dress up and look beautiful in our baju kurung or cara melayu or dresses. When I was told abt the upcoming international night, i was told that selalunya orang belawa lawa..tapi amazingly (or not!!) ramai came in with tops and jeans..very casual-ish...even the judges were casual. I love casual...but just thought if International Night, people would want to come in their traditional dresses etc etc...apparently not all feels that way. Lol!!
And rupanya International Night ani = competition night. Initially, I wasnt aware of that...but anyway, the performances by the BruneianMalaysian Society was lawa. It was properly coordinated and they all look beautiful...the zapin ayu dancing...and the Aduk Aduk boys and ganas ;p It was the most 'cultured' performance compared to others i think...but too bad we didnt win the competition. But they all did great...dats the most important everyone enjoyed it . Congratz guys!! :)
Anyway, incase you guys are interested to watch the performances by the BruneianMalaysian on the link.....
Anyway, will post more pics once i get the pics from Idot & Wafi, Nadz, Jirin and the rest. Takecare ;p

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