Monday, March 12, 2007

Yay!! Finally Spring is here...hopefully the weather will be consistent from now onwards.
Although I kinda doubt it..coz the weather forecast were incorrect couple of times as their
predictions are not always right.
But lets enjoy the 5 days forecast in Canterbury where it is said that it will be as high as 13C throughout this week..and the lowest will be 3C. Lets hope it will not be that low.


FR said...

wish all you like, the weather will NEVER be consistently nice!!! ;p

It's confused!!!

I can't wait to get the sun!!! even if sajuk sikit anginnya... Sun please come! =)


cells said...

yea, deep inside i know..:(
hehe..but today is a nice day. the people in uni suddenly 'hidup' berabis...they are playing football and rugby arah the field. siok meliat :) i need to buy a new jacket for spring...mine is too thinking of searching sth in red :)