Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend was quite interesting this week...went to London on thursday to settle few stuffs that needed to be sorted out with Brunei Hall. Then it was more of a relaxing week..doing things that are relaxing.

Spend the day with Idot checking out one of the libraries in was lawa and trendy.

went cruising...ate di Bella Italia where the food was nyaman and we were will be uploaded next time.

went around from Covent Garden...wanted to get this henna tattoo...but ada this scary and probably perverted cancelled the plan. lol. Then went to Picadilly Circus (i think)..and to Bond Street etc... And we were craving for ice we were hunting for the best deal...and the winner was was nyaman and large portion..haha.

Spend half of my day in 'my' room..then half of the day jalan jalan cruising Selfridges. And then had late lunch with my friend, Ben arah this Syrian restaurant..the food was not bad. And since it was raining, we decide to watch dvd..'the Guardian' was a good movie. definitely a must see!

Woke up late again..but the moment i heard the receptionist mentioned kari nanas and ayam rendang will be the menu for lunch..i hurried up and mandi and head jua ampit the 2nd last ticket..haha...and the kari nanas was good. I miss eating proper food. lol.

Then spent my afternoon di Internet, I know..I should have done someting better with my time in London like jalan jalan..but I dont really know where to go. Im not a shopping budget a day round the shops is sort of enough for me...;p

Apa lagi ah..hmm..oh...this time di London..I've been trying out the bus to get around London...its been fun..although i need more time to be really confident. Lol.

Ok then, thats all for now. Bye.

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