Monday, May 21, 2007

One litre of tears

Ive just finished watching a Japanese drama with the title above...its a MUST see drama. This drama is based on a true story about this young girl who has sooo many things to look forward to in life...and her life was just starting when she got sick with an incurable disease. Ive cried my eyes out throughout the whole 11 the story makes u feel as if ure in the movie..and feeling what she is wonder its called 'one litre of tears'..;p

She is such a strong girl...and was able to stay optimistic and fought her way to live on. The way her whole family face and cope with it is very touching...each of them supporting each other and still manage to look at the brighter side of things during the lowest point of their lives.

It makes me think that...we do take things for granted most of time and tend to be unappreciative with the things we have. We want to be taller, slimmer, richer and all that...when they are people who cant even walk or talk properly but are still happy and still besyukur..although the things that they can do are limited.

And us..we can talk, walk, run and achieve many things in life...but we often give out excuses to run away from doing things..thinking n believing that what we could have done today...we can still do it tomorrow.

And the things our family have done for many of us have actually thanked them for worrying about our health, worrying about our revision during our exams with endless words of encouragement, whether we have eaten or not, whether we have enough pocket money..., waiting for us to be back home when we r out having fun with friends,..and the list just goes on and on.

And on top of that, they are always there during the times we need a shoulder to cry on when we r sad, a pat on the back for a job well done or hugs for encouragement..
gicing us honest opinions to improve ourselves etc etc etc, and yet...many of us seems to take their existence for granted.

well, im just rambling on here...need to sleep..its already tired, got to go.

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