Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am very frustrated with the way things are going...I havent been able to stay focus on my work...all I need is just a few hours of solid concentration and I know my work will be done., I am only able to concentrate for 10-15mins...with breaks or angan angan about i dont know what in between...etc etc..and Ive been sitting down on my ass the whole afternoon..and now its already 11.40pm...and my work is only ard a quarter done!!! Time is running out.......whats the matter with me???


pWINcess said...

May i suggest you read "the present" by Spencer Johnson. It helped me understand more about myself, and has helped me become more happy and successful at work and in life. Hope it helps you as much too.

cells said...

thanks ween...will look out for the book ;)

~MockingBird~ said...

The tagboard doesnt work! :(
Hehe anyways hope you're having fun with your course and good luck for your exams.. Mine are in less than a week but I just can't work up the motivation to buckle down and work :P
Oh btw, I've got a blog too lol its Guess its the trend nowadays huh :)

Take care!

F xxx