Saturday, May 05, 2007

Random updates

1) Went to Pizza Hut for Reza's bday

It was fun...good food n get to meet the Bruneians whom I havent seen for a long time due to exams and the holiday..;).. Anyway, Reza...hope u had fun and do enjoy ur bday present :)

2)Im frustrated with uni work

I've been working on this essay since monday kali..but I cant seem to focus on my work...god knows why...been reading and trying to type...but instead on progressing and adding on the number of words, i keep on editing and, in the end...i still have the same number of words...hmmm...but i do plan to continue it right after this..and give it another try...coz im running out of time..and i still have another one to do.

3)Im pms-ing

I've been craving for chocolates....brownies from tesco....digestive chocolates...n more chocolates...maybe this is why i have been indecisive abt doing my work... unable to focus and feeling as if i have a lot of things on my mind although i cant really pin point whats exactly bothering me...

4) The drama series im currently into...tho ive only watch a few episodes..;)..i love the music..

5) I'm currently deprived of horror movies..and I want to watch

and this...hopefully it is a good one

and this...

Ok then, thats all for now. Lets pray that I will stay awake to do my work now ;) Nyte guys

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