Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back in the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

Its been 2 weeks...met a few family members and a couple of friends. though most of my friends thinks im still in UK...;p

Its good to be back. To sit back and just not think for a while. To take a deep breath and reflect on the past few months which had been quite hard for me mentally and 'emotionally'...(not that I want to discuss it). Let's just say that I am more clear of how things are unfolding itself regarding matters that are 'close to my heart'.

Having said that, I am not as stressed out as I *might* sound. In fact, I am more settled with the way things are. I am learning to accept that...'that is how it is going to be'. I am also trying not to be in denial and degil about 'it' for my own sake. In the end, what are meant to happen will happen.

Thus, now I should really be thinking about where to head next, consider the opportunities and pathways available for me and 'reset' my priorities.

Will write more soon.


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FR said...

Hmm... considering I normally would get a bit more details than this piece of writing... I'm expecting a great long email!! ;p

I'm feeling cold!!! MY heater is on full blast for two hours now, and my room is STILL freezing!!! Aiyayai!!!

Aku mau the heat, although I don't want it too hot... And worse, I'm losing my tan!! Oh tidak!!!

Kisses to everyone