Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little things in life that makes me happy..not in order..:)

1) friendly faces

2) spending time with family n friends

3) the smell of freshly cut grass

4) smell of coffee

5) beach

6) sunrise n sunset

7) music

8) the feeling of being appreciated

9) respect

10) the feeling of being in love

11) getting random hugs from family and friends..selected ones of course...;p

12) a clean space

13) chocolate muffins

14) 'me' time...once in a while

15) being loved

16) a good laugh be continued....maybe ;)


FR said...

this post made me smile =) I was just thinking about things that make me smile the other day... And your list is similar to mine =)

i love you bales.. *Hugs and kisses*

cells said...

i love u too bee :)