Friday, March 07, 2008

Check this out….

Brunei - seen as one of the countries in SEA with high living standards, high literacy rates, low poverty rates and perhaps one of the most stable countries in the region. However, although the country is doing well, we can’t say the same about its society.

We are still expected to live our daily lives conforming to what is accepted…and staying away for the unacceptable and unimaginable (which is of course fine by me). I personally think our culture is beautiful and unique. But my problem is the fact that most people still feel and act like they ‘own’ others.

Society = intellectual, cultural, most with high purchasing power, sympathetic, religious, some are helpful etc etc etc...but unfortunately, some think too highly off themselves, selfish, N.A.T.O, vengeful, materialistic, ego, restrictive, etc etc.

Ok, I think I'm diverting away from my main point. lol.

Anyway, the point is....we are told to grow up, be independent and make your own choice. But still our lives are dictated and suppressed by insignificant others who thinks they are always right and never make mistakes…and who thinks our choice are always the unwise one.

I think we are free to make our own choice. No one can ever be sure on what is right and what is wrong. And no one can be sure whether what happens to A will happens to B. and what happens on Monday will happens on Tuesday. No one knows how tomorrow will unfold itself.

And though the choices we make might eventually be a mistake, then it is a risk we take and it is our own mistakes and not mistakes as a result of decisions made by others. We only have ourselves to blame if whatever path way we choose in life turns out to be a mistake. and the same applies if we let others dictate over us.

How can some people think very highly of themselves?
What makes them think they know what will happen in the future?
How can they be bigger than God? What makes them think that people can never change? One can never be so sure of what will happen in the future.
And what makes them so vengeful and unforgiving?
What makes them be so unforgiving when it comes to others but ‘weak’ when it comes to things that happens to her/him?

I don't think I'm making any sense I will stop now. It is just something to ponder upon…


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