Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This post was supposed to be publish like a mth ish ago... lol. totally forgotten about it.

'ideal body'

'You are fat'!!
'Your arms are flabby'!!
'You need to flatten your tummy'!!
'Your thighs are too big'!!
'You are big'!!
'You need to start losing weight'!!
'You need to start eating healthy'!!
'You look like that fat woman next door'!!
'Who is that fat girl / woman?'...bla bla bla...

How often do you hear people saying these things to you? How many of you are able to identify with these?? I bet a lot of you are able to. May it be from some simple remarks such as 'Have you gained weight?'...sarcastic ones...'U look healthy'...and to extremes ones.... many of us definitely experienced this situations once or uncountable times.

The idea of what is an ideal shape varies from culture to culture and each to its own taste. Some prefer skinny, petite ones while others prefer fleshy ones with bits and pieces to grab on.

Women are constantly pressurized to look good. From head to toe, from big to lil accessories, from left to right etc etc etc. And women often starves themselves, take diet pills, exercise excessively...in order to lose weight to meet her supposedly 'ideal weight'...or losing more weight till they are underweight..or till they see themselves as 'beautiful' in the mirror.

Family, peers and society...stigmatized obese woman. I mean what is the big deal? Big women...it doesnt mean they are not eating healthy foods...and for the skinny ones, it doesnt mean they are healthy.

Stop criticizing and lower ones' self esteem by making such remarks...like constantly. An individual knows when she/he is fat and unfit and needs to lose weight. Stop trying to focus on others weak points and stress them about it.

If you can't say it nicely, then don't say it at all. Whats the point anyway?

There are more things to talk about and look forward to. Infact there are more things to life....than being one of those people who constantly tries to achieve an 'ideal' shape.

It makes you less interesting when that is all you talk about.

Take a chill pill.


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