Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Trust your instincts!!

I was contemplating whether to use the Telanai road or just passed the Istana earlier today. Then I decided to passed the Istana as it is a more straight journey to go to Batu Besurat.

When I stopped at the traffic light at the Telanai junction, it randomly hit me that maybe there will be a road block today so I shouldn't drive fast. So I slowed down by a few double digits km/hr. But after passing few houses along Damuan, i just put off my feelings aside. And it was at that very moment that I saw two policeman sitting down on the grass with this black thing to catch the speed.

I quickly hit my brake and swear to myself after I realized they caught me. They looked and smiled when they understood my expression as I put my palms over my mouth or face. lol.

And of course a policeman stopped me a few minutes later and told me to go to the side.

Fortunately, I knew the guy who stopped me...and a few seconds later he realized that he knew me as well (thank god!!!)

He asked me why am I speeding. I was driving as fast as 85. And me..not knowing what to say...told him the truth...

'I am speeding coz I am late'

..and I've hit on my brakes so it was supposed to be 65..

He said ..we caught u 200m before u break.

I couldn't help laughing inside..thinking how stupid it was to tell them the truth.

Anyway, I promised him not to drive as fast along that road anymore.

Moral of the story:

Trust your instincts.

This is not the first time that I've pushed my instinct to the side where it bites me back..


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