Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Someone made me smile

A friend commented on my blog few hours ago while we were chatting..and it made me smile.

I've known her since my first year uni and I have to say that I never really know what my friends really think of me...after all these years. Most would say I'm nice, though I think I can be the complete opposite ;)

Anyway, she said...something along this line...

Btw, i like ur posts in ur blog sal the girls thingy. and the rest was apakan...i can imagine u writing them do n u know the look on ur face.

hm u may look sweet and innocent from the outside, mcm the type yang doesnt speak much mcm awu2 saja, biasa kan ayu..tapi once u open ur mouth..its like semua orang lari coz it fieryyy.. and powerful.

...the end...

Well, you know who you are..and thanks so much for the comments. Hehe. And yes, I take it as a compliment ;)

So...I'm wondering, do I get to hear anymore comments from the rest? ;p



FR said...

erm i don't think i need to comment on your blog entries as much because I comment on you a lot already... lol!!! ;p

Love you Bals,

Rena said...

:) you sure u want comments from me.. i suppose not.. :)