Saturday, May 10, 2008

Few updates

Been doing a lot of catching up session with *L*, a dearest friend of mine this week. Going to miss him a lot when he goes back to work to the other side of the world end of next week.

Work - its been 3 weeks. It will be the 4th week the coming Monday. Deadlines lining up but its been fine despite the pressure to catch up with time. Will probably move office as well next week ;)

Today - My first weekend where I had to go to work half day to get something done.

Then I had nasi ayam mango for lunch. Give it a try ppl at Happy Dean. Nyaman rupanya. Never heard of nasi ayam mango before until today. lol.

After lunch, went for a quick drink with L and discussed a number of issues around us. Learning more about him.

Then, I watched RUGBY live for the first time with Nadz. OMG! Some of them just ran into each other like the smaller ones lah yang kesian. I called the opposing teams the 'bees and the ants'...haha..They actually terpelanting you when we buang our bag on the couch. lol. I would love to see more of live RUGBY. Its a very different atmosphere when compared us sitting down infront of the TV. lol.

And now Im at home. Decided that my body needs rest though I have more plans up my sleeves. So im taking a few days break with more rest for my system. lol.

OK, thats it for now.


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