Monday, April 27, 2009


I just switched on my laptop and was about to take my notes out to type...then I realize, I have lots of notebooks. I simply love the moment, I have 4 with me at home..and surprisingly Ive been carrying it to work and back from wonder my bag is heavy!!

And Ive been trying to count how many more I have at work...I think after I gave away one of it to my aunt last week, I have 3 more at work. hehe.

Sequence L to R: From Lee Kuan Yew's Memorial Lecture, Office, Kak Lin and Azedah :)

Oh..and one more thing...this is my present from kak mel...she 'hand-made' it. Another one to my collection of notebooks..yay..Lawa ah..:)

Thanks kak mel :)

Come to think about it...I have always have lots of notebooks and some of it remains empty for years...especially during my primary school years at St. George. But this time I intend to make sure all the books are efficiently use :) except for the one I got from Kak Mel..that is far too lawa to be written on..maybe in a few years time ;p

Conclusion: What can be a better way to explain..why I have lots of notebooks other than to say that I am in love with notebooks.


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