Sunday, December 06, 2009

..Just thinking...

How can one be soo unappreciative? Its amazing how just by doing one mistake, all the other good things you have done = erased.

Maybe its human nature...greediness...wanting all to oneself....wanting everything to be perfect..
when that person isnt perfect at all...

Its amazing how one can never be satisfied with the things that they have. Sometimes, its to the point of being 'inda bersyukur' di atas all the nikmat given. Sad to say, but its reality.

Cant a person just be happy with what he/she already has?

Cant a person just accept that not everyone is as motivated/hardworking/'purrfect' as the others?

What u want doesnt mean the other person wants it as well...
the things that makes u happy does not necessarily makes another person happy...

Stop judging doesnt make u perfect.

Just imagine if ur 'nikmat' is pull away from you...
how would u sustain life as the way it is currently?
How can u survive when u r not even thankful of ur present state?
And how would u feel if people start judging u...based on that??

Nauzubillah...lets pray that Allah will keep our pintu rezeki wide open..and remind us to be thankful.



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