Monday, December 14, 2009

Crime Investigation

I am watching crime investigation now.

Case 1

A man killed his wife and buried her 3 feet underground. When the police came around and was searching for his wife's body, he was sitting in the kitchen eating his spaghetti.

When the police found the body of his wife, he said how did u managed to find her...while eating his spaghettti.

And when the police wanted to bring him in for question....he said he wants to finish off his spaghetti first before they bring him.

Im amazed!!!

Case 2

A woman drowned her very young kids...not 1, but all the 7 of them.

Police: Why did you drowned them?

Woman: that God will still accept them while they are young.

Police: Why did you say that?

Woman: they are naughty and disrespectful...disobedience.

Police: Example?

Woman: When her mother in law (the kids granny) comes to visit them, they will call her names and doesnt listen.

Thus she wants them to go...before they grow up and go to hell.

Scary huh...


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Padian said...

people sanggup do things just because... it is amazing huh...