Sunday, March 07, 2010

Not impressed!!!

I am looking after my uncle in one of the wards di RIPAS at the moment...and just a few hours here, I am already not impressed with the nurses here.

1) There is an old man in this ward..believed to be abandoned by his family...and they dont wipe him up and get him cleaned.

2) My uncle's dressing needs to be changed. They were told earlier already to change it...and when my cousin told me to ask them if they are going to change of the nurses, awu ah....*looking away*....and four of them were just sitting there doing nothing. What is that???

3) an hour of the nurses went and closed the curtains...maybe because they want the patients to rest and get some sleep...but at the moment, durang yang bising becakap. and they inda remind the other patients' family to keep their voices down. ????

hmm...I hope its a different scenario at night....hmm



Anonymous said...

at night?! same thing.. haha the nurses do have a bad repo in ripas.

Selina said...

lol...iatah kan. hmm. lets hope when you deliver your baby'll be able to rest well at night while youre at the hospital...except when your baby cries ofkos...;p

~* Serene *~ said...

That's disgusting Sel, there definitely has to be higher levels of professionalism. Nurses have very important jobs which should be taken more seriously! Bad enough people are there sick and in need of comfort, the last thing they need is an inconsiderate (and lazy) nurse!!! Hope your uncle is feeling better.