Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random updates:

- This is the year when my long term resolution expires…ha-ha...and I am nowhere near it. Lol. Perhaps I should start working on it soon. Hmm.

- I have never really understood how work can put strains on relationship until recently. Lol. And when this happens, it forces us to rethink and re-prioritize the importance of certain things and whether it’s worth re-aligning things in life.

- All this time I thought I am being mean or perhaps a bit of a softy, when I voice out my dissatisfaction to certain family members and friends about a certain person at work. Recent discoveries, however, has led me to conclude otherwise. Hmm. Top management should look after its staffs; and it hurts when blame of non-productivity is put on you. This person should be more professional and try to address and tackle the problem instead of bad-mouthing them. So there goes our productivity and effort…rupanya kami ani inda membuat apa apa. It makes you think...why bother huh?? Hmm. Anyhow; let it be…one of my resolutions this year is to just shut down when it comes to nonsense stuff like this. Fingers cross.

- People, especially the ones close to you, do take your existence for granted…there’s no doubt about it. It is like an unwritten philosophy / law of life. And they are sometimes, if not most of the time, unappreciative of the things you do…does not accept no for an answer…does not understand you…are not really bothered of the impacts of the things said and done…and once in a while, all these makes you think…is it worth holding on to it? all the trouble it worth it? hhmm.


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