Thursday, May 13, 2010

De-stressing :)

As a reward to myself and to release my stress from being in the office, I am now in the library…taking 5 mins off from typing…:)

I miss this…being able to spend time in the library. Being able to spend my time in silence. Being able to just focus on read on stuffs I am supposed to read and being able to pick up random books from random shelves just as a temporary diversion from having to read the books that you are suppose to read and know.

I use to enjoy my Uni years by spending my free time in the library. I just love the way all the books are organized and all the tall shelves with unlimited quantity of resources. Its just amazing.

Library was the place where my cousins and I hang out and meet up whenever anyone’s free. We chat (silently), finish up our work, read up on things that are listed on the reading lists, and discuss about the stuffs we do not understand...though our areas are different…one is Science, one is Business, one was in the teaching faculty and I was in the Social Sciences faculty.

Hmm...the good old times :)


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