Friday, June 25, 2010

I am exhausted and my head is banging. After ages of not taking medication (except cough syrup for my ever persistent on-and off flu), I took panadol few days ago and it felt so light.

But, I dont really want to take it again coz it might not have the same impact. so I have to make sure theres gap in between the enhance impact. ;p

Anyway, I am at work now and Im not even in a mood to do research and type off my work. Instead I am thinking how to 'pause' my life...because I am so exhausted. But, is there even a pause button??

I was told its a tension headache...though it has been there for quite some time. I was told its my eyesight. I was told it could be my blood pressure and I was told a lot of things yadayadayada. hmm.

But instead of thinking of all the excuses to explain the headache, Im taking a leave for 4 days next month...but Im thinking...would getting a leave from work really relieve it?

hmm..something for me to find out.

How I wish there is such a thing as a pampered housewife...atleast I get to do things at my own time. I would love that (provided its at my own time)..;p OMG..we are such a spoild society.

my thinking is sooo random at the moment. so, i better sign off now.


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FR said...

random is good...

anyway, i think it might be indigestion that u have, presenting as cough... have some of mommy's gaviscon...1-2 tablespoons after each meal and before sleep....

regular small meals, no oil, no padas.

much love xx