Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its rare for me to truly love a malay movie..but with this one, I am sooo in love this movie...its a must watch..=)

this is the funnier happy part of the movie

and this is a snapshot of the whole movie
And I am also looking forward to the part two of the movie..

Hopefully they will make it soon  =)



Anonymous said...

batah sudah ku inda meliat movie hehehehe.. wats the movie about?

cells said...

ohh..u should watch this one. but bawa tissue jua. its a funny but sad love story.. the only down part of this movie is that u have to wait for part two to knw the rest of the story...;p

its a love movie..pasal how love changed a guy and his outlook however jodoh durang full of torns due to the presence of a third party. To know the rest of the movie, u shud watch it ;)

what u doing awake now btw? buzy jadi mummy ke? hehehe.

FR said...

bwoh... Sedih jua!! tapi mau liat jugak... Make sure you buy the DVD for me, kerana konpom nada lagi di panggung when I'm back...

cells said...

Bee..the dvd alum ada di kadai..
which is surprising ;) see you soon xxx