Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Anyone who really understands me know that I TRUTHFULLY HATE DRAMAS!!!! lebih lebih lagi drama queens.

So much had happened in the past few weeks. Initially it was excited and interesting. And after the outcome of the 'event'; and when the drama starts to appear, things get kind of less-exciting from my point of view.

I am no longer interested in 'it' as I was initially..no matter how much effort I put in and knowing that I would have enjoyed it.

I am now tired of hearing so many different versions of the same thing from random unreliable 'THIRD PARTIES' and whatever it is that may pleased that person; topped with cheeries, whipped cream and a dash of hershey's chocolate to add extra buzz to the 'drama script'.

May all of you who have contributed to the drama scripts one way or another be SUCCESSFUL directors!!

Go continue your script!!!!

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Padian said...

Too much unnecessary drama is not worth the motion...

Sometimes, we have to be smart to differentiate news, from fiction.

Take things with a pinch of salt... don't be so trusting....